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No matter whether I am in Italy, Germany or China, the first question I am asked is «how do you pronounce your name?». My surname is in fact composed of two of the most difficult digrams in the Italian language: gn [ɲ] and sc [ʃ]. Their coexistence within a word can put even native Italian speakers to the test. Hence the idea of using the universal symbols of phonetics to spread a name that is difficult to understand but impossible to forget.

Gianluca Gnisci (1987) is an Italian architect and PhD. After gaining invaluable early work experiences in Italy, he joined Blocher Partners in Stuttgart, Germany as an architect for competition and feasibility studies, where he thrived for almost five years. During this time, he honed his skills in innovative design and project analysis, consistently pushing the boundaries of architectural creativity. His role expanded to include leadership responsibilities, as he mentored junior architects and maintained close client relations. In his current position at Züblin as a Project Architect, he collaborates with diverse teams to translate design visions into tangible structures. His journey continues as he embraces new challenges and makes meaningful contributions to the field of architecture.