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Re:add, Landshut

Living Cities – reintegration of a former prison as a prelude to the old town.

The typology of the prison is not designed for the eyes of common society, because entry is usually denied to the population. Many stories and myths exist about what goes on inside the walls and fences, giving the typology an unpopular and mysterious reputation. Correctional facilities are found outside the city center in contemporary urban development and tend to be defensive of its immediate surroundings in their function and urban design. Due to the location of the prison at the entrance to Landshut’s old town, a very untypical and antithetical situation is found – directly on the main access axis to the historic old town – and thus shapes the prelude to Landshut’s cityscape.
What does the handling of such a fragment of the city look like when it is located at the entrance to the city? How can such a structure be reintegrated into society? Can such a typology be put to civilian use?
A detailed analysis of the area under consideration reveals a strong fragmentation of the surroundings around the former prison. The parking area “Grieserwiese” opposite the prison is separated from the location of the prison by the expressway B15. The insular situations created by this do not allow any real connection between each other, with the old town and the surrounding landscape spaces. Crossing as a pedestrian proves to be very difficult and a flowing passage through the area is interrupted. These incoherent places should merge as a public space and be perceived as such by passers-by.