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Ex Cementeria, Modugno

The redevelopment of an area located on the urban edge, bordering the countryside, is designed to give a different answer to housing interventions common in this area. This project tries to recover a more human size scale and a relationship between elements of the project that is as close as possible to that of the consolidated city. The idea is to try to repeat in these peripheral sectors the complexity of urban space, made of hierarchical elements and held together by systems of relationships: the urban square, the semi-public space, private garden, appropriate road sections to different modes of travel, volumes that mark urban visuals.
The project therefore proposes a redevelopment of the area which includes different actions: reuse and revitalization of the housing stock (industrial) existing, environmentally sustainable alternative transportation system, increase in funding of services, compact constructed and extension of green areas, strengthening ecological networks in cities and the countryside, connecting with the green of the different urban fragments, rehabilitation of degraded and abandoned areas, redevelopment of public spaces and open spaces.