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The project designed with Blocher partners, was awarded a prize in the category "Neighborhood Development" in the Callwey's "Residential Buildings of the Year" competition 2023
Many stories and myths exist about what happens inside prisons, which gives the typology a controversial reputation. How to deal with such a fragment of the city, when it is located at the entrance to the city center? The challenge was to orient the conversion concept to the existing structure and follows the idea of respecting the existing building structure and dealing with it as a given. This resulted in the conversion of the former prison into a building complex that provides for several functions, such as cafés, a library area and exhibition spaces. According to the principle of the city of short distances, the area around the former prison was restructured. The main activity locations were linked within the area and connected to the old town as well as leading into the landscape areas of Landshut.
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